Fleetwood Healthcare was established in Dublin in 1995.

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A cornerstone of our business has been the implementation of a number of bespoke clinical workshops aimed at assisting our end users with the everyday changes in product improvement.
Developed in-house and with the support of our suppliers and many end users, we are in a position to offer these workshops to individuals or groups of many as requested.
• Foreign Body Management
• Bleed Management
• Polypectomy Management
• Stent Placement


Fleetwood Healthcare was established in Dublin in 1995 starting out as a distributor of both cardiovascular and radiology products.

In 1997 we were introduced to a new company within the fledgling gastroenterology market, US Endoscopy, and while Ireland had not yet taken to single use products the innovative portfolio from US Endoscopy, specifically the ROTH Net® retrieval devices, gave us a presence in the endoscopy suite.

As hospitals began to change to single use products, we became the company ‘in the right place at the right time’ and a relationship with US Endoscopy and our end users developed that exists to this day.

From humble beginnings, a single roomed office doubling as a warehouse, we have celebrated our 21st year with new premises in Bray, an additional support office in Belfast, a staff of 12 and what we believe are excellent relationships with our supplier partners and customers.

Fleetwood Healthcare employs a team comprising a broad spectrum of experiences necessary to deliver our products to the Irish hospital sector.

Our company relies heavily on our employee base. While our business is selling, our success is down to the excellent support staff within our small organisation. I am delighted to say that three of our in- house team have celebrated 10 years’ service each and with their experience in nurturing new colleagues our plan for growth and expansion is solid.

Fleetwood Healthcare recognises that it is imperative to have the right people in the right jobs at the right times. We cannot afford to be without employees who have the required qualifications and competencies to quickly fill a critical or key role when the need arises.

It is our responsibility to our customers and manufacturing and healthcare suppliers to put a framework in place to facilitate succession planning to ensure the continued success we have enjoyed since our foundation in 1995