Polypectomy Snares

Polypectomy Snares

Exacto Cold Snare

The unique snare design offers more control for placement around diminutive polyps and a precise, clean cut.

Supporting the cold snaring technique, the Exacto® cold snare:

  • Enables a clean cut, with a braided snare wire that is 33% thinner than traditional braided wires
  • Features a unique design that is smaller than any available mini snare, providing more control for placement and resection
  • May help reduce polyp “fly away” from the resection site, due to the thinner snare wire diameter



Traxtion Snare

Arguably one of the stiffest snares on the market today, the Traxtion® snare is ideal for the resection of flat or sessile lesions. The stiff, hexagonal braided wire provides exceptional grip of the mucosa and retains its shape with multiple resections.

Many snares tend to slip off of flat lesions and require repeated placement of the snare to complete the resection. With the Traxtion® snare, you are able to maintain your grip of the mucosa without compromising your technique.






ISnare System – Oval Snare

The iSnare® system is ideal for endoscopic mucosal resection and saline assisted polypectomy. This multi-functional device features an alternating injection needle and polypectomy snare which eliminates the need for intraprocedural device exchange.

Other benefits of this unique system include:

  • Enables immediate injections in response to bleb absorption/dissipation or bleeding
  • Helps maintain scope positioning throughout the procedure
  • Minimizes wasted procedural time – inject or snare at any time throughout the procedure without device exchange
  • Spring loaded, luer lock handle ensures consistent needle projection and retraction
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