Roth Net Retrieval Devices

Roth Net Retrieval Devices

Roth Net Retriever – Polyp


Product Ref: 711169

Designed with Alternative weave design for enhanced durability and strength, the Roth Net® Select polyp retriever easily encapsulates excised polyps and preserves specimens for accurate histopathological review.






Roth Net Platinum Retriever – Food Bolus

Product Ref: 711155

The Roth Net® Platinum® food bolus retriever is designed specifically for the challenges encountered in food bolus removal. Its octagonal net is designed to open to maximum capacity while maintaining its form within the esophagus.

Featuring larger capacity, ergonomic design and superior performance, the spring-like action of the Roth Net® Platinum® series offers a retrieval net with a sturdier form and shape.



Roth Net Retriever – Maxi


Product Ref: 711159

The Roth Net® maxi retriever is ideal for large foreign body removal, such as batteries and EMR specimens too large for any other sized retriever.

(For use in EGD scopes with 3.2 mm accessory channel or larger)


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